Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For Thursday, February 10th

For Thursday, read through page 251 of Brother, I'm Dying. In the comments, write a paragraph that responds to the following question: Who or what do you think is most responsible for the mistreatment and death of Danticat's uncle Joseph? Develop and support your response. Also feel free to include general reactions to and question about the book.


  1. Navindra Hoolas
    Eng 099
    February 9 2011
    Brother I'm Dying

    I Feel the person responsible for the mistreatment and death of Danticat uncle is the problem he was facing upon his Arrival to United states from Haiti at the airport.I feel that the Protection officer that was questioning him was the one that made him got scared and lead him to take on the problem that cause him to get sicker.I also think that Uncle Joseph should have told the Officer that his health is bad and they would have atleast be gentle with him and freed him.I also feel that he was worry about the problem that was going on back in Haiti and took it on that if the officers made him return to Haiti he would have face a lot of problems.So overall I believe that the officer should be blame for his death because they kept pressuring him and asking him questions.I felt that this was a wonderful and great book.It really was sad and show the true value of family and I learn a lot about the history of Haiti and the problem people was facing through the eyes of Danticat.

  2. Musa Khan

    I believe its was the uncles fault by not using his original visa , which he used for the past 30 years.On the other hand,the officer also was very oppresiveness lead the uncles health condition into a horrible situation.In addition he wasnt treated well.

  3. The responsible for Danticat uncle’s death is the Department of Homeland Security that wasn’t diligent in checking the real status of him. Not only that, but I believe racism was a very important fact to take in consideration. He didn’t have a fear treat like the rest of the people detained. The discontinued intake of his prescription ended up with his death because of these officers that didn’t do their job properly.

  4. first i would say is the haitien gouverment beacause we cannot be exile from our own country by telling the truth. also he know that he have a visa wich is not expired, why he didnt let them know that he had a visa and he just came to get health and i would go back.the officer was doing is job but i believe if the uncle was latino or spanish he would not treated that way. then the nurse who didnt want to believe that he was really sick.

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  7. The people responsible for Uncle Joseph’s death were the immigration officers for they did not make clear questions to them,they did not investigate enough.They assume that the “temporary asylum” that Uncle Joesph has mentioned was they ran away from Haiti and flew to America without legal papers. I’m pretty sure that in 2004 they could easily identify you base on your finger prints but they fail on that one.We could also blame the medic that was telling Uncle Joseph that he was faking the vomit and he kept ignoring him,He didn’t even call a nurse when that happened.The employees in the detention centers can be blamed to,they took his medicine as if it’s some kind of a voodoo thing.The voicebox fell they didn’t even replaced it.They treated the sick person as if he committed a crime or something.The detention center didn’t report anything that happened in the facility after what happened because they know that part of his death was their fault.Papers or no papers.People in those Detention Center should treat the immigrants with equality and maybe start listening with their cry.
    Abagail T.