Friday, January 14, 2011

Assignment for Tuesday, January 18th

For Tuesday, January 18th, read the first three chapters from Part II of Brother, I'm Dying (pages 127-155). Think about all your reading from the book so far as well as the articles by Danticat. In the comments, respond to the following questions: What have you learned about Haitian history from your reading so far? About the relationship between Haiti and the United States? What ethical, political or philosophical questions do you think are raised by this relationship, and by what you've read of Danticat's book so far? (This timeline may help you keep track of some of the historical events, as Danticat moves around in time throughout her book.)


  1. Satish Itwaru

    What have you learned about Haitian history from your reading so far?bout the relationship between Haiti and the United States? What ethical, political or philosophical questions do you think are raised by this relationship, and by what you've read of Danticat's book so far?

    I learned that Haiti is still have hardships. Like how the uncle have to go to new york to get medical treatment. Also How military had so much rival that changing of leader happen more off tens.So there were no absolute power to guide Haiti. Right now Haiti and United States are still working out there differences. But they are helping one anther.

  2. Navindra Hoolas
    Eng 099
    January 18 2011

    History Of Haiti.
    I have Learned A Lot about the history of Haiti. Mostly about the political problem that the country was facing.In 1804 Slaves and Mulatoes Joinged together to drive the french out and on January 1 1804 formed the republic of Haiti.Haiti was ruled by the french.
    In the early 60's Papa Doc Duvalier who follow Daniel fignole into presidential palance refused to step down.He created the countrywide militia called Tonton Macroutes.
    In 1990 General prosper Avril resigned and Jean-Bertrand Aristide was sworn into office on Febuary 7 1991,7 Months later he was ousted by a military coup and fled to Venezula Then to Washington.
    President Clinton Launch Operation Uphold Democracy.The Political Leader Tend to Change a Lot Making it Worse for the country.

    There wasn't much mention for the relationship between Haiti and The United States.
    From 1991 - 1994 the Clinton Administration imposed an economic blockade.He Launched Operation Uphold Democracy.

    Some Question that I have
    Why Didn't The United States Help Haiti When there was a dictator.

  3. I always knew that Haiti and its people have suffered and struggled to keep their country alive. But while I'm reading Brother I'm Dying I'm getting a clearer picture of how hard it was and still is to feel safe with all the violence that's going on back there. I also get the sense of how determination can help you survive like her uncle. How survival can make you run away like her father.

    Edwidge gave a lot of information about Haiti's political news I learned that the french colonist controlled most of the island since 1697 and had imported black Africans to labor coffee and sugar plantation as slaves. A century later the slaves and mulattoes joined together to drive the French out, and in 1804 formed the republic of Haiti. 1915 US marines landed in Haiti which resulted in a battle between the two.

    Haiti and the U.S have been in what I call a love hate relationship. The U.S helped Haiti and supported the country in many matters. But it also doesn't let Haitians immigrate in the U.S. After looking at the time line the professor provided I saw there has been a great number of immigrants to the U.S for many decades and that can add up to a great number. That's why I think the U.S has stopped approving Haitians.

  4. Satish - How are the countries helping each other? What's the evidence for that from our texts?

    Navindra - Can you related some of those details to your reading? Where have we seen some of these events reflected in Danticat's story?

    Hind - Interesting, although many groups have larger immigrant populations. We'll be discussing more about the causes of discrimination against particular groups of immigrants.

  5. Jennie Cervius
    In those chapter, first she tells us about her uncle travel to New York to get healthy and how everyone were happy to be with him for the moment they have spent together. The must important things she mentioned was the struggle Haiti have faced even they we still facing financial or even political problem. Political problems is the worst things that can happen to a country and will affect every body. In the time when Haiti had macoute many people suffered and some get kill for no reason because had power and think they could treat anyone way the way they like.
    By the time Haiti was facing those problem they were unable to resolve everything with out getting help from some others countries. US was the one that offers helps. In many circumstance US always stand and offers their help. Haiti faced many crisis which is not over. For example when Aristide was in the power for the second time, there are many things that happened and many decisions he took and some people were against them. However they were unable to make a ending of those drama and US was the only country tried to make a ending and US still standing for Haiti when they need them.

  6. So far from reading the book Brother i'm dying the history i have learned from haiti has been the struggles of the country itself. Haiti is a country that has been under horrible dictatorship over the years and people suffering financially and dying everyday. The relationship between the U.S and haiti is that Haiti refugees can not have entry into the united States and the amount of people that want to flee the country. Perhaps some questions that are reaised that are political or philosophical may be what can be done to improve haiti and keep it away from dictatoship and history from repeating itself.

  7. I guess the relationship between Haiti and the U.S is the same like any other country with power and other at war or in need. The U.S helped Haiti for a benefit and when they didn’t seem to need the country’s benefit anymore, they just simply stopped helping. That is still just my opinion.

  8. Jennie, Michelle and Hind - Good overview - we'll discuss more about the nature and motivations for U.S. assistance in class - think about what we've seen in the reading about this so far - we'll be looking at the question of how recent U.S. assistance can be seen in relation to the earlier history of occupation and support for dictatorship.

  9. ENG099
    Revision of
    I Know the Truth, So Don’t Bother Me With Facts

    When beliefs are firmly held by an individual it is often difficult to remodel that belief once it has been set in motion. Jeffrey Kluger’s Article “I Know the Truth, So Don’t Bother Me With Facts” is a self-explanatory title, stating that those who are confidant or have pre existing beliefs on a particular topic are likely to be biased toward factual information, often rejecting anything thing that is contradictory to their beliefs. For example, I knew a girl who refused to believe her boyfriend would cheat on her. She idealized love so much that she felt nothing could go wrong. Because she believed in love so much, she thought her boyfriend would never cheat on her. It is easy to manipulate people’s minds because the influence of the media is powerful but sometimes, it is difficult to manipulate those who have strong beliefs.

    In a study conducted by R. Kelly Garrett and Erik Nisbet, 750 people were chosen in order to determine whether or not their views would change on the Islamic Cultural Center, when presented with facts about the topic. Kluger states "Even when people do take time to learn the facts, however, the effort often dose no good." cleaving on to their beliefs more then before. When you are raised on a certain perspective or have grown accustom to that belief, it is often rare that people forsake their ideas and accept a different perspective. Garrett and Nisbet, found that only a third of the people they selected were willing change their positions on the topic, at the same time, coming to the conclusion that through insinuating pictures and inflammatory quotes, a change in their perspectives can be made.

    In conclusion we as individuals need to decide whether or not we listen to the media. In actuality we are in control of who we let influence us.

  10. Gabriel - Good clear writing and a good start - think about what we talked about in class in terms of how to more fully develop your examples and make the last paragraph as fully fleshed out as the others.