Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lab Work for Wednesday, January 26th and Homework for Thursday, January 27th

In lab today, we're going to keep working on reading comprehension and vocaublary. Below you'll find a list of links to articles related to many of the topics we've been discussing in class, including immigration, immigrant rights, and the situation in Haiti.

You can work through the articles in any order, choosing titles and topics that look interesting to you. For each article, as you read it, note and look up an vocabulary you need to figure out. In the comments list the vocabulary words and their definitions in context, and give a paragraph long summary of the article.

Do a separate comment for each article you read. Read carefully, but also try to get through as many of them as you can during your lab time. While these articles are longer than the ones you'll read on the CATW, building your skills as a reader and summarize will help you on the test.

The articles:

Here is an article about activism by young undocumented students (notice the page numbers at the bottom to click through to the full article).

Here is a very intersting piece about the role of private prisons in Arizona's anti-immigration laws.

Here is an article about the treatment of undocumented workers in the United States.

Here is an article about Haiti by a historian about some of the reasons for that country's poverty.

Here is an article by Danticat about how an earlier period of Haitian history continues to have an impact.

Here is another, very recent article by Danticat, reflecting on the earthquake one year later.


Homework for Thursday: Read through page 243 of Brother I'm Dying. Choose five vocabulary words and explain how they are used in the context of the passage. Then rewrite the orginal sentence in which they are written using different vocabulary.


  1. Navindra Hoolas
    Eng 099
    January 26, 2011
    Articles and Vocabulary in Lab
    Vocabulary lists and meaning in Context on Haiti: A Year and a Day
    1 Commemoration: Context Meaning: Ceremony Honoring special events.
    Dictionary Meaning: The act of honoring the memory of or serving as a memorial to someone or something.
    2 Tremendous: Context Meaning: Many, Plenty.
    Dictionary Meaning: Very Great in Amount.
    3 Obligation: Context Meaning: To take Actions.
    4 Tarpaulins: Context Meaning: A Tent.
    Dictionary meaning: A Large Sheet with Water Proof.
    5 Epidemics: Outbreak or Spread.

  2. Navindra Hoolas
    Eng 099
    January 26, 2011
    Article summary Haiti: A Year and a Day
    According to the article “Haiti: A Year and a Day” by Edwidge Danticat, she Explains what happen to the souls of the newly dead according to Vodou traditions. The souls “slip into rivers and streams and remain there under water, for a year and a day”. She went on the say that much soul went under water after the earthquakes that occurred on January 12th. It was horrifying after the earthquake many people’s bodies were still left in the rubble of schools and homes that was part of the destruction. She also stated that after the earthquakes many people die from cholera which is an epidemic born out of water.Danticat is hopeful that her country Haiti can rebuild itself and things will get better.

  3. Navindra Hoolas
    Eng 099
    January 26, 2011
    Lab Article Haiti Didn't Become a Poor Nation All on Its Own -- The U.S's Hidden Role in the Disaster Vocab
    1: Fragile: It means something that can break easily
    2: Outrageously: Something that is Offensive.
    3: Consequences: It can be a Problem or an effect.

  4. Tuan Thai

    Reign- dominating power or influence
    Revenues- an amount of money regularly coming in.
    Prospective- of or in the future
    In the article, “ Private Prison Economic Help Drive Ariz. Immigration Law,” Laura Sullivan talks about the illegal immigration is no longer be tolerated anymore in Arizona. Senator Russell Pearce creates a bill that allows any law enforcer to stop anyone for proof of legal resident. If the one has no proof, he/she would be put in jail. The bill called Arizona Senate Bill 1070. Many private companies are supporting the senate ideas. A private prison is created by those private companies.

    Appropriate- suitable or fitting for a particular purpose, person, occasion.
    Exploitation- use or utilization
    In the article, “ Exploited: the Plight of Undocumented Worker,” Cristina Jimenez states that undocumented workers are being taken advantaged by their employers. Because of their no legal working papers in the united states, they are forced to accept to any condition that their employers lag out. This is also affect the legal workers in the united states. Because they can be easily be replaced by the desperate undocumented workers. Meaning, the legal workers are too bonded with the illegal worker under the mercy of their employers.

  5. Navindra Hoolas
    Eng 099
    January 26, 2011
    Lab Work Summary on Haiti Didn't Become a Poor Nation All on Its Own -- The U.S's Hidden Role in the Disaster
    According to the article “Haiti didn’t become a poor nation all on its own..The U.S’s Hidden role in the Disaster” by Carl Lindskoog,He explain Why Haiti Is in the situation it’s in right now and how many people survived on little every day. He stated that the United States play a big role in making the Nation poor and the disaster its facing.He said that “Haitians lived under the dark shadow of “Papa Doc Duvalier a brutal dictator” He received backing from Americans. Baby Doc and The U S government work and help put Haiti back on track. He also state that the U S give aid to Haiti, The were Goods and Material that was manufactured in Haiti and that it had created many jobs until US started to import Goods and Material to Haiti and many people lost their jobs and had to moved to other part of the country in search of new jobs. He also talk about the Earthquake that destroy the Part of the country Haiti. He also blamed the media for what Haiti is today A poor Nation.

  6. Satish Itwaru

    Exploited the plight of the undocumented workers

    Obscenely- very bad
    Vulnerable- easily taking advantage of.
    Conveniently-easy done

    In the United States undocumented workers are being taking advantage because employers create low pay jobs for undocumented workers and abuse them. The workers have to obey because the fear of being fire or reported to immigration. To me this is bad for the workers they don’t have any kind of rights. The workers are just cheap labor which is bad for U.S workers who are losing jobs to undocumented workers. The article "Exploited the plight of the undocumented workers" by Cyistina Jimenez, explains the hardships undocumented workers have to faced when they are illegal employ.

  7. Article summuray "Coming Out Illigal"
    Immigrants have been coming to the U.S for so many years, mostly to make a better living for them and their families. But what happens to their children who came here at a very young age, who became educated and americanized. In this article" Coming Out Illegal"New York Times, a numer of students wrote about thier experience on the daily struggle of being an undocumented student while attending college. The student fight for their right to brcome documented so they won't have to live in fear of being deported.They also did not want that to stop them from acheiving further goals in life.
    Admonish: in the article the counsolar told the student that she can not attend college but she said it in a nice way.
    ahe inittialy seems shy ...at firt when they just met ahe can tell that she was shy.


    1.CINCHED-firm grip,tight
    4.SELF DEPRECATING-self expressing
    5.BIPARTISM-suppoted from both sides,both ways

  9. Vocabulary From: “Haiti Didn’t Become a Poor Nation All On Its Own.. The U.S’s Hidden Role in the Disaster”
    1. Ventured- In the article it means unclear.
    2. Outrageously- it means offensively.
    3. Tremendous- it means horrible.
    4. Entrenched- it means the entry.
    5. Fragile- it means easy to break

  10. Satish Itwaru

    Haiti Didn't Become a Poor Nation All on Its Own -- The U.S's Hidden Role in the Disaster

    Outrageously-very offensive
    Ventured- something that on its way

    The earthquake that hit Haiti cause a great deal of damage to the country, did the earthquake cause the downfall of Haiti? Haiti was in trouble already because of over populated areas and political turmoil but the cause was the role the U.S had play in the past. The U.S role in Haiti situation that Haiti faced today is form past deals that the U.S made with Haiti like jobs for the Haitian peopl. In the article "Haiti didn't become a poor nation on it own “by Carl lindskoog explains the past action of the U.S had on Haiti to make the country as it is today.

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  12. Dan Dan Lin
    ENG-099 LabWork
    Coming Out Illegal
    Vocabulary List
    Provocative- tending or serving to provoke (are provocative enough to upend her life.)
    Extravagance- excessive or unnecessary expenditure or outlay of money. (I would never buy Chanel for myself,” Leslie said, laughing at the extravagance) she doesn’t want to waste her money on those things that she doesn’t need.
    Rally-gather, call to arms (along with the rallies she attends and the lobbying she has done in Washington and Sacramento) (organizes Dream Act rallies) trying to gather more people to support Dream Act.
    Filibuster-for the purpose of delaying legislative action. (Republican filibuster.)
    Orchestrated-To arrange or control the elements of (in the last year they have orchestrated dozens of demonstrations) to organize

  13. In this article " A Year and A day " by Edwidge Dandicat, she talks about the traditions that people in Haiti bleive in when it comes to death. They beleive that the soul of the dead stays around for a year and a day and then reborns in trees and vacant places.They also see it as a way to stay hopeful and that they did not lose eveything. She also mentions that the extra day is seen as a garentee for another year.

    "the soulses can hover over mountains".... the soulses fly low over the mountains

  14. Neoliberal
    a liberal who subscribes to neoliberalism

    The United States plays a larger role in Haiti’s economic infrastructure. We find out that in Carl Lindskoog article “Haiti Didn't Become a Poor Nation All on Its Own, the U.S's Hidden Role in the Disaster” that the united states has contributed to the nation being in the current state that it’s in. Receiving the support of the United States Papa Doc was viewed as a reliable anti-Communist. At a time when Haiti had been manufacturing goods and material, which supplied jobs to the Haitian people, the United States had intervened, reversing the productive trend of the country. Lindskoog also goes into how CNN reported that the Haitian people were to blame for the over population of their capitol stating it could have been avoided had they had they used birth control.

  15. Tuan Thai

    Feasible- suitable
    Frank- direct and unreserved in speech; straightforward; sincere
    Lobbying- an entrance hall, corridor, or vestibule, as in a public building, often serving as an anteroom; foyer.
    Incentive- something that incites or tends to incite to action or greater effort, as a reward offered for increased productivity.
    Bipartisan- representing, characterized by, or including members from two parties or factions.
    Advocates- to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument; recommend publicly
    In the article, “Coming Out Illegal,” Maggie Jonies explains the situation of the illegal immigrants who grow up here since their childhood. The illegal students have to pay huge amount of money for college, almost three times than the average legal status student bill. However, there is a bill called Dream Act that can help the illegal students to become legal. Unfortunately, the Dream Act is still in debating. If the Dream Act passes, around 825,000 immigrant would likely become legal resident in the united states.

  16. The article "Haiti Didn't Become a Poor Nation All on Its Own -- The U.S's Hidden Role in the Disaster" by Carl Lindskoog try to make people know that Haiti’s poverty has caused by others too but not only by them. In this reading we see how papa Doc and U.S were involve in making Haiti became poor. He said in his article"
    Haiti was the perfect candidate for U.S neoliberal facelift. U.S used Haiti to became a better country.U.S make them abandon their agricultural and make Haiti buy food from them.
    Tremendous: extremly good or excellent
    Taiwan:is a country(want to help haiti to develop but get something in return).
    crowded: not enought room for mouvement.

  17. Summary:” Haiti Didn’t Become a Poor Country on Its Own… The U.S’s Hidden Role in the Disaster”
    In the article “Haiti Didn’t Become a Poor Country on Its Own… The U.S’s Hidden Role in the Disaster”, the author state that U.s is behind the Haiti’s poverty today. He blamed the U.S of the occupation of Haiti in 1915.He also believed that this occupation is one of the causes that lend Haitians into poverty. The U.S and Duvalier wanted to transform the country in to the “"Taiwan of the Caribbean” that causes the Haitians to have that bad life condition.

  18. Dan Dan Lin

    “Coming Out Illegal” by Maggie Jones that a true story of an undocumented person who is a student of U.C.L.A. Leslie, an undocumented immigration who came to U.S with her family when she was 6. When she entered the University of California that she has to pay 33,000 a year and she couldn’t get the federal or state aid because she is “undocumented”. Therefore, she has to work very hard to earn the money for her education. But she is not only one,there are about 825,000 students who have this kind of situation.Although they graduate the college they only could find the jobs that don't require any education. However, There is a "Dream Act" which could help those students become legal resident of U.S. Unfortunately,the Dream Act didn't get pass.

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  20. Domenica Chum
    Article "Exploites the plight the undocumented work"


    unjust: not faiir or responsable
    obscenely: immoral, offensive, unpleasant
    drag: to pull something
    influx: the arrival of larger among of good money. suddenly

    In the article named "Exploited the plight the undocumented worker" writteng by Cristina Jimenez, shows that, the numer of undocumented immgrants in United States is increasing, and their situation is what makes them vulnerable in many aspects of their life. A recent founding report by the New York Times shows us something terrible is that around of 389 workers ere detained working in a meatpacking plant the worse thing is that twenty of those workers were under-age children of 13 years ol. It's hard to think about all those kind of things that is affecting our society in general. According to the article Undocumented people come to this country to work they are not criminal and even when they are working police arrest them as they were doing something wrong it is unfair goverment should care about to reenforced the workplace law instead to deport more undocumented people.

  21. Exploited: The plight of the undocumented worker.
    Exploited: abuse about civil rights
    Dictionary meaning: to treat someone unfairly in order to gain what you want.
    Vulnerable: weak
    Dictionary meaning: easy to harm, hurt or attack
    Obscenely: offensive
    Dictionary meaning: extremely immoral or unfair
    Plight: something bad
    Dictionary meaning: bad, serious or sad situation that someone is in.
    Influx: huge of people
    Dictionary meaning: the arrival of large number of people.

    Immigrants come to the United States for looking American dream; some of them are undocumented and become their bad dream. In the article “Exploited: The plight of the Undocumented worker” Cristina Jimenez says that to start trying to solve the problem about immigrants exploitation. Undocumented come to this country for better life but they face to find a job because they need paperwork for work. The desperation seeking for job, they accept any condition that the employers want. Undocumented are abuse in different ways such as mistreated, beaten, very low wage. Iowa meatpacking plant work raid. Among of 389 were detained and justice department and homeland security was deported these worker. The New York Times states that meatpacking were working undocumented as young as 13. The young’s declared that were exploited in the company. Employers take advantage of the vulnerable undocumented. After the raid, the company hired workers but in this case they have paperwork; the employer though that they could mistreat them like undocumented but they gave complying to labor department.

  22. Navindra Hoolas
    Eng 099
    January 26 2011
    Homework For pages 225 - 243
    Vocabulary and Sentences

    1: Agitated- you become Nervous or Panicked.
    "He was becoming Nervous,he panicked at times"

    2:Acquainted: You Are Familiar with someone.
    "I am Familiar With Ira Kurzban, author of Kurzban's Immigration law sourcebook"

    3:Reluctantly: Unwilling
    "And Unwillingly he agreed and said' oh yes.It's True"

    4:Frantically: Frequently.Highly Excited.Fustration
    "I had a terrible feeling and began to Frequenctly call the hospital"

    5:Horrendous: Hideous or dreadful
    "Cradling along with my large belly this dreadful news that those who most loved my uncle were not yet aware of"

  23. MUSA KHAN ENG 099
    HOMEWORK PG 225-243

    1.DETAINEES-people held in custody
    My uncle was lined with other detainees.

    my uncles body grew rigid.

    frantically called the hospital.


    horrendous news

  24. Elaine Mendez
    Eng 099
    January 26, 2011

    note- Blogspot will not accept my log-in information in the lab.


    In text- "Labor and civil rights have been obscenely worse"
    Definition- offensive or outrageous to accepted standards of decency or modesty

    This quote was towards the meatpacking plant in Iowa. there was no sense of decency in the Agriprocessors, hiring undocumented immigrants as young as 13. Physically abusing them, over extensive working hours and little pay.

    In the article "Exploited: Plight of the undocumented worker" by Christina Jimenez, argues about undocumented workers targeted by abusive and exploitation behavior. The workers vulnerability from the law is taken for granted, and so is their desperation. Legal workers are also affected, as they can easily be replaced by an undocumented immigrant. Who will take the jobs instantly for probably half or less than what the legal employee was paid for.

  25. Elaine Mendez
    Eng 099
    January 26 2011

    1 & 2
    Procure- To get by special effort


    Pulmonologist- A doctor who specializes in treating diseases of the lungs.

    During the father's monthly checkup,his son Bob asked if he could obtain a referral to a pulmonary specialist.

    Seizure-A sudden attack, spasm, or convulsion, as in epilepsy or another disorder.

    Daticat's uncle had a sort of spasm attack which involves the person's muscle to move involuntary.

    Ultrasound- The use of ultrasonic waves for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, specifically to image an internal body structure, monitor a developing fetus, or generate localized deep heat to the tissues.

    Danticat's uncle had an internal diagnostic that showed intra-abnormal fluid around his liver.

    hypoglycemic/hypoglycemia- Lowering the concentration of glucose in the blood

    Her uncle had lower than normal blood sugar level.

  26. Everybody is acknowledge of Haiti’s natural disaster that recently happened. Yet, not only that is the reason for its precarious situation. In the article “Haiti Didn't Become a Poor Nation All on Its Own -- The U.S's Hidden Role in the Disaster”, Carl Lindskoog reflects that the United States may have had something to do with this third world country and its struggling to succeed after the 7.0 earthquake. During the period of “Papa Doc” later continued by his son “Baby Doc” Haiti was submit to mistreat and abuse. The United States chose Haiti as future exporting bases which were certainly close from the American territory, and would facilitate the transportation. Haitian people sew footballs and manufactured other products. They were told to abandoned their agriculture and start working for this low wage new jobs. Soon, people from the smaller cities started migrating to the capital Port Prince, which soon became over populated with less opportunities of getting a spot into the manufacturing area. We are shown on TV just what the big sources agree to inform to the viewers, however sooner or later people try to find their way to defend their beliefs and expose them to the public.

    Neoliberal: it’s a political movement that blends liberal politics with an economic growth.

    Allies: people that advocate another person or an ideal.

    Entrenched: to establish firmly.

    Peasants: small farmers or farm laborers of low social rank.

    Surplus: excess, overflow, too much of something.

    Scheme: a plan or project with a twist.

    Slum areas: squalid part of a city, inhabited by poor people.

  27. im srry i cant make it to class on monday. i have a court summons.

  28. Satish Itwaru

    Pg 241 : Frantically

    Frantically in context show how she was in a hurry in this situation calling the hospital many times untill she reach someone on the phone

    But late in the afternoon, I had a terribe feeling and began to repeatedly call the hospital until I reached a nurse in ward d, the hospital prison ward.

    Pg 235 . Cooperating

    Cooperting it when talking agree with a person.

    He not talking, the medic said.

    Pg 215. Implication

    Implication- how the question is not present in a correct way.

    My, uncle, not underStanding the full question of the choice ,said he wanted to apply for temporary asylum.

    Pg. 222 Affiliations

    Affiliations- to be with something

    Does the alien pose a threat to the United States, have a criminal history or terrorist group or ties?

    Pg. 212 Mandatory

    Mandatory- to be require

    I'd seen some men who looked too young, to be require to be eighteen years old for detention at krome

  29. Navindra - Good work. In both your summaries, look at the sentence in which you introduce the text - rework for clarity and look at punctuation.

    About the article by Lindskoog, you say that "Papa Doc" and the U.S. worked together to help Haiti. Is this what Lindskoog is saying? How does it fit with idea suggested by the article's title? Your last sentence about the media is very interesting - can you explain this connection more?

  30. Tuan - Good work. Look at the sentence that starts: "Because of their no legal working papers in the united states," - how could you rework this?

    In the first article, what do you think is the author's ARGUMENT about this connection to private prisons?

  31. Satish - Nice work. Look at word form. In this sentence "In the United States undocumented workers are being taking advantage because employers create low pay jobs for undocumented workers and abuse them." the words "taking," and "pay" should have different endings. How would you fix them?

  32. Hind - Nice job. In the second summary, how would you summarize the overall idea of the article, along with the details you've describe?

  33. Hind - Also, be sure to look at spelling. Especially if a word is in the article, you have it right there.

  34. Musa - Be sure to describe your definitions in context. On the Danticat post, see if you can write full sentences for each word, as you have fir some of them.

  35. Anne - Good work. What do you think the author meant by "The Taiwan of the Carribean"? Can you explain more about how this connects to the argument in this essay?

  36. Dan Dan - GREAT job explaining vocabulary in context and summarizing. Keep it up!

  37. Dominica - Really good overview of the article. Pay careful attention to little spelling errors and typos: they really add up and take away from the overall effect of your work.

  38. Pilar - Good summary. Keep working on language clarity. How would you make this sentence "Iowa meatpacking plant work raid." and this one "The young’s declared that were exploited in the company" make more sense?

  39. Elaine - Good rewriting of sentences with vocabulary. Look at the last sentence of your summary. How would you rework it so it's not a fragment?

  40. Johanna - Very good detailed summary. Pay attention to your very tenses and see if you can find the ending that makes sense.

  41. Satish - Great rewriting of sentences with vocabulary!

  42. Brother I'm Dying


    Grunting.- sound
    grunting,he closed his eyes as if to protect them from the ache coursing through the reset of his body.
    Dictionary.Grunting.- to make short sound or say only few words.

    Hinted.- tell something
    Which hinted at a possible infection.
    Dictionary. Hinted.- to say something that helps someone guess what you want, or what will happen.

    Unresponsive.- no respond
    he was found unresponsive and the time he was pronounced dead.
    Dictionary. Unresponsive.- not reacting to something or not affected.

    Profusely.- all time
    My uncle was sweating profusely and complained of weakness.

  43. DanDan Lin
    Title: Exploited: The Plight of the Undocumented Worker

    Plight: condition(The Plight of the Undocumented Worker) a bad condition of the undocumented worker.
    vulnerable: criticism (We all know that undocumented workers are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation) undocumented workers are easily get a criticism of abuse and exploitation.
    obscenely :repulsive (labor and civil rights have become obscenely worse)
    sustain:to support(to sustain and provide a better life for their families-the very reason for migrating.)to support thier families in their home country.

    The situation of undocumented workers is that they have been treated unfairly. In the article "Exploited: The Plight of the Undocumented Worker" the writer Cristina Jimenez shows that most of the undocumented workers were under 18 and they always work overtime but never get paid. Because they are undocumented and they fear being fired or deported. But the issue is that their situatio is against the law of labor rights, and people shoud treat them equal.

  44. Vocabularies:

    -He was becoming agitated.(page225 2ndline)
    agitated:very nervous

    -Though it my be less definitive.(page252 5th line)
    definitive:less developed

    -The room was stripped of all signs of verve.(page256 3rd line)
    verve:liveliness or spirit.

  45. Private Prison Economics Help Drive Ariz. Immigration Law

    When your smart and have connections you can probably achieve more in life.Deciding whether you want to use that power in a good way or in this case a bad way, that’s up to you. In this article “Private Prison Economics Help Drive Ariz. Immigration Law” by Laura Sullivan shows how the private prison law to drive immigrants in Arizona was signed and how it was done with mostly connections and under the radar to get enough votes. With the law being supported by people who have important seats and positions in politics, there was no other choice but to pass the law. I think that is is wrong on so many levels and especially when it involves children.

  46. Pilar - Nice job.

    Dan Dan - Good summary. Are there specific laws being violated that the article refers to?

    Hind - Good overview. What connections do you see to Danticat?

  47. Tittle: Citizenship for students comig out illegal

    Upend: to stand set or turn to one end.

    Confided: A person to whom a person confides personal matters or secrets.

    Bipartisan: consisiting of , or supported by members of two parties especially two major politcal parties.

    orchestrated: an arrangement of events for political campaign.

    impetous: characterized by sudden and forceful energy emotion , impulsive and passionate.

    Coming out illegal posted by maggie jones discusses the major isssues of undocumented students seeking education to further on there dreams. About 825,000 students who are undocumenetd are turned away from college and have to pay themseleves because student federal aid does not cover anything for illegal immigrants. Leslie is a undocumenetd student who is a illegal immigrant hiding her identity for years that attends U.C.L.A but has to work three part time jobs just to get by. Many students are struggling to get a education and even if they do graduate they only get to have ordinary jobs that do not require any type of diploma or eduacation. The only hope for these students are the Dream act that will offer studets to attent to school if they were living undocumenetd in the United States for 5 years unfortanetly the dream act was not passed and many are struggling to better themselves. Many have even held speeches and spoke for there rights and have gotten arrested the only hope for these students is if the dream act is passed on in the future so each person can have the right to an education immigrant or not.

  48. Domenica Chum
    “Coming out illegal”
    Neatly:arranged in a orderly

    In the essay “Coming out Illegal” by Maggie Jones the author, writes about the sad reality of a young lady named Leslie who is a graduated student from high school, and daughter of a single working mother. Leslie dream is going to college to finish her education although she is eligible to attend to a two years college, she cant make up this dream real, because she is uncommented she came to United Stated when she was 6 years old and now in her twenty two she feel stock in the laws of this country. Her only opportunity to have her education is that the government approves the dream act witch is an act that the government introduced in 2001; witch would help many undocumented students to obtain their resident. The qualification for the dream act is to have 5 years or more living in united stated, be a graduated student from high school or have at least a G.E.D diploma. Unfortunately the government doesn’t accept this act and now after 10 years many students like Leslie still wearing for this dream.

  49. Michelle - Great summary. Remember to give the definition in context from the passage. Pay attention to the use of "there" vs. "their"

    Dominica - Good summery. Pay attention to spelling and word choice: how would you correct "uncommented" "Witch," "united stated," "Stock"

    Also look out for possessives: for example you would say, "Leslie's dream"

  50. This article is talking about a business proposal.The proposal was to build a private prison for the undocumented imigrants.It’s anew business model to lock up the illegal immigrants.They studied about what good it can do the the state and for their business as well. The law could send hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to prison .And it could mean hundreds of millions of dollars in profits to private prison companies responsible for housing them.The plam passed the congress.Pearce talked about their plan at a hotel with businessman,according to CCA they believe that the immigration detention is their next big market and businesses and lawmakers should be at same table,together.36 companies sponsored the idea.By April the bill was on the governor’s desk.The governor has connections to some lobbyist.Prison run by private company,absurd as it may sound.Private companies should just step off with this plan.Two different sector and Government should not let any private companies hold power especially when it’s related to the state or the country.

  51. This article is talking about a business proposal.The proposal was to build a private prison for the undocumented imigrants.It’s anew business model to lock up the illegal immigrants.They studied about what good it can do the the state and for their business as well. The law could send hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to prison .And it could mean hundreds of millions of dollars in profits to private prison companies responsible for housing them.The plam passed the congress.Pearce talked about their plan at a hotel with businessman,according to CCA they believe that the immigration detention is their next big market and businesses and lawmakers should be at same table,together.36 companies sponsored the idea.By April the bill was on the governor’s desk.The governor has connections to some lobbyist.Prison run by private company,absurd as it may sound.Private companies should just step off with this plan.Two different sector and Government should not let any private companies hold power especially when it’s related to the state or the country.
    From the article of arizona's private prison.
    Abagail T.

  52. Undocumented Students
    Illegal immigrants, undocumented people, undocumented students--- all these people took a risk hoping their lives would be better if they go to a place of a million opportunities. It is really hard to stop the immigration problem. Although everybody has the right to live the way they want to live their lives, there will always be rules and laws to follow.
    As what I’ve read, the dedication of Leslie and her colleagues to excel in their education in spite of living a life of fear is really outstanding. Everybody wants to be accepted. Everybody wants to be free to do what they want but I also believe that a wrong action will always be reciprocated with another wrong action. If they came in to the USA illegally they should also expect that things will not be as smooth sailing and they can never be hiding forever.
    The DREAM act is a good sign that people really do care and people just want everybody to have a place in this country. Whether it will be approved or not, the dedication of people like Leslie will pay off one day in this generation or the next.
    abagail t.